Mission Statement

Our mission is to create visual content that cultivates individual thought, promote positivity and compel others to follow their lifelong dreams, regardless of the obstacles. Our mission and message can be achieved by producing films, music videos, documentaries, short stories, and experimental projects that are self funded through wedding filmography, professional commercial media, ad revenue from potential web series and crowdfunding.

Our message will also reflect in our culture. Our creative crews will consist of inspired individuals who wish to collaborate, dedicate their time to learn and wish to perfect their own craft. We prefer to do things differently rather than follow the status quo or the industry "standards", while creating exceptional content that strives to exceed them. Our production crews will consist of seasoned veterans and experienced professionals that will collaborate together to provide the highest quality creative content and commercial work.

My commercial work has been seen locally on Adult Swim, Spike TV, and I have worked with several clients on various Indie film productions, live music events, fashion shows and much more.